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Elite Screens Aeon CLR Fixed Frame Screens

Elite Screens Aeon CLR Fixed Frame Screens

Elite Fixed Frame ALR and CLR Projector Screens: Elevate your viewing experience with Ambient Light Rejection (ALR) and Ceiling Light Rejecting (CLR) projector screens. ALR screens excel in cutting-edge design, selectively reflecting only frontal projector light while minimizing the impact of ambient light from various angles. CLR screens, on the other hand, specialize in combating overhead light, absorbing up to 95% of ambient light for unparalleled contrast and colour accuracy, especially in well-lit environments.

ALR versus CLR: Unveiling the Distinctions: While both ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) and CLR (Ceiling Light Rejecting) screens enhance image quality in ambient light settings, their functionalities differ distinctly:

  • ALR Screens: Crafted to reject light from all directions except the front, ALR screens diminish the impact of multiple light sources, such as windows or lamps, focusing solely on the projector light source. These screens redirect ambient light away from viewers, reflecting only front-facing light.
  • CLR Projector Screens: Offering comprehensive light rejection from all directions, CLR screens excel in countering overhead light, optimizing contrast levels, and ensuring superior colour accuracy, outperforming standard screens.

Elite Screens Aeon CLR: Introducing the Elite Screens Aeon CLR – an EDGE FREE CLR fixed frame screen featuring Elite’s groundbreaking StarBright CLR material. This innovative material, with a serriform optical surface lens microstructure, effectively counters ambient light washout, particularly from overhead sources. The result? A contrast level that surpasses standard matte white projection screens by an impressive factor of 100.

Explore the Aeon CLR here: Elite Screens Aeon CLR

We highly recommend Elite Screens CLR projector screens, especially for short-throw applications, ensuring an unparalleled cinematic experience.

Elite Screens Ambient Light Rejecting Screens: Discover the myriad possibilities within the Elite Screens range, each model delivering Ambient Light Rejection excellence. To explore the full ALR-enabled collection, visit the US product category search.

For our Australian clientele, please confirm the availability of the desired model on the Australian Elite Screens website. If not listed, contact us for pricing information.

Have questions about projector screens? Reach out to us, and let our experts guide you towards the optimal visual solution. Your cinematic journey awaits – redefine your viewing experience with Elite Screens.

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